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Our Dream


PRTCTANIMAL is devoted to protecting endangered animal species and their living habitat by creating awareness with our products. We design fashion items with the animal patterns of these species.

We care, love and protect


With every sale, a share will go to the animal protection foundations. We support organizations that are committed and proactive in preventing animal extinction. We proudly design quality fashion products with an influential message at the back of it and everybody can wear it complacently. Together we can create consciousness to protect animals and their living habitat. Become a part of PRTCTANIMAL and join the fight against animal extinction.

It all starts with a spark!


PRTCTANIMAL is dedicated to create awareness and turn it into action. By delivering a contribution to protect the beautiful animals that mother nature has given us. With every sale, we get closer in accomplishing our mission.

Global Awareness


We feature our products with a variety of endangered animal species and their stories. Not only will their story be visible but also their natural beauty. Most of the animals that we feature are critically endangered species. Our future generations deserve to experience the miracle of untarnished wonders and the beauty of nature. Wear and share PRTCTANIMAL products, be a part of the movement, be the one that cares for our animals.

Helping Hand


With every sale, a share will go to a non-profit organization that struggles for animal extinction. Every product you buy from PRTCTANIMAL helps to protect animals and preserve their habitats.