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Protect Elephant


The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species has regarded the Asian Elephant as being in the detrimental and vulnerable state. It can be found in remote areas of 13 tropical Asian countries.

The Asian Elephant


The Asian elephant is smaller in size compared to its African savannah family; the ears are relatively smaller and the back is comparatively more rounded. The statistics of Asian Elephants have been annihilated by the deprivation of territory, degradation, and disintegration, caused by an increasing human populace. Owing to this drastic loss of habitat elephants became immensely secluded, often encounters the collision with local farmers, with crops demolished and lives have gone astray as a result.

The most vital preservation


Approximately 300 souls per year meet their creator due to the ferocity of elephants in India. Poaching for ivory is additionally a risk and in light of the fact that exclusive males have tusks, a population can turn out to be to a great degree twisted towards females, hence influencing reproducing rates. The most vital preservation needs for the Asian Elephant are: protection of their living space and keeping up environment availability by securing passages; administration of human– elephant clashes; enhanced enactment and law authorization with upgraded field watching; and managing/checking exchange ivory and other elephant items.

Support the Elephant


With every sale, a share will go to a non-profit organization that struggles for animal extinction. Every product you buy from PRTCTANIMAL helps to protect animals and preserve their habitats.