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Snow Leopard | Unique

Snow Leopard
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About This Project

Listed as Endangered. Snow Leopards are suspected to have declined by at least 20% over the past two generations (16 years) due to habitat and prey base loss, and poaching and persecution. Losses to poaching were most severe in the former Russian republics in the 1990s. While conditions have improved there, poaching and illegal trade are likely to continue in large parts of snow leopard range given growing demand from China.

There are many ways you can help save these amazing cats. One of the best ways is just by raising awareness about the plight of the snow leopards. We blended the beautiful patterns of the snow leopard in this new shirt design.


Supplies are limited and not sold in stores
With every sold item, we donate 25% to the Foundation (Wildlife Conservation Foundation)
Choose from men and women tees
Choose your style, size, color and quantity
Be part of the movement – we protect animal