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Protect Zebra


Grevy’s Zebra has been analyzed as in danger of extinction. Their population was dropped to 54% over the past three generations (30 years) from the ballpark figure of 5,800 in the late 1980s to the present population of around 2,680 individuals.

The Grevy Zebra


Kenya’s Grevy’s Zebra Technical Committee not long ago evaluated and classified the threats to Grevy’s Zebras. In the decreasing order, they comprised of: Natural surroundings debasement and loss actuated to a great degree of rumination by livestock, competition with domesticated animals, particularly over access to water and astounding rangeland.



Local chasing for meat and also therapeutic and social reason, disease transferred by contact with unvaccinated livestock, especially relating to anthrax and babesiosis, hybridization with fields Zebras, despite the fact that genes right now just spill out of Grevy’s to fields Zebras, anticipated land change for resort advancement and other huge scale activities for monetary development.

Support the Zebra


With every sale, a share will go to a non-profit organization that struggles for animal extinction. Every product you buy from PRTCTANIMAL helps to protect animals and preserve their habitats.